Welcome – About This Site


I’m Dawn, and I live with my partner Walt in Yorkshire, England.

I love nature, photography, peace and quiet, and travelling to beautiful places.

I hate crowds, loudness, bad manners and the careless things we do to our world.

I studied biological sciences at Oxford University, and have worked in scientific publishing for many years.


This Site

This site doesn’t really have a niche.  It is a diverse collection of thoughts, ideas, rants and raves, photographs, and posts about various interests. Who knows what will turn up next?



Sometimes I have thoughts, good and bad, about the world around me.  And ideas about little ways in which it could be made better for everyone.

And sometimes things annoy me.  Really annoy me.

This is just a place to air my thoughts, ideas, niggles and grievances in, hopefully, an entertaining way.

A place to ponder.  A place to let off steam.   A place to have a good moan.  And perhaps to find out if other people feel the same way too.

I do realise that some of my thoughts may be controversial.  And some might rub people up the wrong way.  Please feel free to comment, whether or not your thoughts agree with mine.  Let’s start a discussion.

But please note I will not publish comments that include any swearing, offensive language or insults whatsoever.  Ever!



It is also a place to talk about my interests and hobbies.  These include nature, gardening, photography and travel, amongst others.  I hope you will find them interesting too.

Thanks so much for looking.  I do hope that you will enjoy the site.  After all – thinking is good!

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