Things People Do

Taking Unnecessary Risks

People do take unnecessary risks.  You see it all the time when you watch people in busy city centres.

I saw a prime example the other day while driving through town.  A smartly-dressed business man walking quickly down a busy street while texting on his phone.  He was so obviously completely oblivious to his surroundings.  So oblivious that he walked straight into a lamppost.

I have to admit it was hilarious – like something out of a slapstick comedy.  I laughed so much that I nearly had an accident myself.  But then I did feel quite bad because he clearly hurt himself – I heard the impact of the collision inside my car.  And goodness knows what damage he did to his phone…..

It got me thinking about how people are so casual about their own safety, and that of their possessions.  How often do you see people on their phones who are completely oblivious?  Streets are full of hazards – not just lampposts but kerbs, potholes, traffic, dropped litter (like the proverbial banana skin), cyclists going the wrong way up one-way streets……


And then there are headphones.  We have highly evolved sense organs for a reason – to make us aware of what is going on around us so we can avoid dangers.  And yet joggers and cyclists so often blast loud music into their ears and deprive themselves of the highly valuable sense of hearing.  It makes so much more sense to be able to hear traffic coming up behind or warnings from other pedestrians or road-users.


Similarly with those selfish people who have thumping music blaring so loudly in their cars that they annoy everybody else in the street.  How can they possibly concentrate on driving?

And what about our possessions. How many people do you see with their phone sticking halfway out of their jeans pocket in full view.  Why is this?  Do people just want to show off what a flashy phone they have?

Not only could the phone easily fall out of the pocket and be broken, or land in a puddle or, worse, a loo, but it could so easily be leaned on or sat on.  And what a temptation for pickpockets and muggers – no wonder so many phones are stolen.

Our phones are so valuable to us, for the personal and irreplaceable data they contain as much as the actual value of replacing the phone.  So surely they are worth taking care of.

It seems that when things do go wrong, as they often do, people are very quick to blame someone else.  Hence the multitude of litigation claims you hear about these days.  But surely it is best if we all take more responsibility for our own personal safety, and prevent mishaps from occurring  in the first place.

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