Make the Most of Special Moments

A while ago I read a terrible story which really stuck in my mind.

A couple of business men were walking down a busy street, discussing their plans for the weekend.  Then one of them stumbled, fell into the road, and a lorry ran over his head.

I suppose for the person involved it would have happened so quickly that they would have had little awareness of what was happening.  Though the same would not be true for the colleague and anyone else who witnessed the event.

Autumn ivy leaves


What really shocked me was that a life could be ended so suddenly for such a trivial reason.  It wasn’t a fatal illness, or a brutal attack by some thug, or a terrible road accident – the chap was just walking to work.

It made me think about all the things we think we will do one day.  All the things that we hope will be better in the future.  All the things we put off.

I am not suggesting for a moment that we should all start living as though there is no tomorrow, or stop planning for the future.

But perhaps we should take time to appreciate the things we have and do right now.  To make the most of special little moments, and not just assume that there will be better or more important times to come.

Impatiens flowers


I often find that the moments I look back on with the most fondness are moments that seemed quite insignificant at the time.

For many of us the life we have right now is very special and precious – perhaps we should take the time to appreciate it more, and not take the future for granted.


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