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Smokers – A Polite Request

It is now over ten years since smoking was banned in public work places in the UK.  For non-smokers who detest the smell of smoke, things are a lot better than they used to be.




Many times in the (now distant) past, my partner and I would find a nice table in a restaurant and sit down to enjoy a romantic meal – only to have it spoiled by someone lighting up at a nearby table.  Often a whole party of smokers would start smoking together, and if there was a draught blowing the smoke your way…….

It is difficult to imagine this now.  It comes as quite a shock when we visit a country where there is no ban and people do still smoke in restaurants.



Of course what is a good thing for one person is a nightmare, or at least an inconvenience,  for someone else.  Having to disrupt a meal to go outside in all weathers for a smoke must be most unpleasant – I wouldn’t want to do it.

And this is where I have a little request for smokers.  If you must go outside to smoke, please don’t do it right outside the doorway.  Quite often a breeze blows the smoke straight back into the room.  Although you might not be aware of the smell, other people certainly are.  It’s kind of defeating the object.

Not only this, but if a group of smokers congregates just outside a doorway it is very unpleasant having to walk through them.  Sometimes it can even be intimidating.

So if you could just walk a few metres away from the door – many people would appreciate it.  I do realise this is difficult when it is cold and wet.  But going out for a cigarette is after all your own choice.




Alternatively of course you could just enjoy your meal, give your lungs a break and wait until you get home.

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