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Seeds Germinating!!!


Well, the seeds I set a couple of weeks ago (see First Seeds of the Year Sown) are popping up and raring to go!  I now have vigorous little seedlings all over the place.  So exciting!


I sowed the seeds in a propagator with a plastic top to keep them warm (see previous post), and kept them in the airing cupboard until they were big enough to handle.  I have now re-potted the best ones into small individual pots.

Of course I will re-use the germinator, pots and labels many times to keep plastics use to a minimum.  At least I will be cutting down on a few food miles!

So far I have

  • 4 tomatoes – variety Aperto
  • 4 tomatoes – variety Sungold
  • 4 chillies – variety Ring of Fire
  • 3 chillies – variety Indian Firecracker
  • 3 sweet peppers – variety Kaibi Round
  • 4 aubergines – variety Baby Belle


All of these varieties stated on the pack that they could be sown in January, so I just hope that there will be enough light for them, and they will not become too leggy.  I found this to be a bit of a problem last year.  They are distributed around various window ledges, but unfortunately we don’t have any south facing windows in the house.

I will keep posting updates to let you know how they get on.

If you are also new to growing it would be great to hear your experiences too.

And of course any advice from more experienced growers would be very much appreciated!

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