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Why Do People Leave So Much Litter?

How often do you see litter lying around when there is a perfectly usable bin close by?

Like this seen in a local shopping outlet carpark


There was a conspicuous litter bin about 10 m away


In fact placing the used coffee cup so that it stood up in the pebbles probably took more effort than walking the few steps to the bin.

So why do people leave litter?

I know someone who is a teacher.   After spotting some teenagers throwing food wrappings onto the floor in a corridor, she asked them why they didn’t just put them in the nearby bin.  They looked at her in amazement and said “Well – the cleaners pick it up – it’s their job!”.

As if the cleaners don’t have anything better to do!

Do they really think that if they didn’t make a mess the cleaners wouldn’t have a job?  Or do they think that putting their rubbish in a bin is beneath them?  Or (far more likely) do they just not think at all?

Let’s all do our bit to keep places looking nice.

Places look so much more attractive when there is no litter lying around – be it the countryside, the village street or the city centre.  It only takes a small amount of litter to make a place look shabby and uncared for.

And litter can block drains, attract flies and rats, and sometimes even be hazardous to wildlife, pets or children.

If there is a nearby bin, there really is no excuse for not using it.  Not doing so is just thoughtless and lazy.  We should be teaching children this from a young age so it is just second nature to them.

And if there isn’t a bin nearby, surely people can just take their litter home with them and use their own.  After all they have carried their snacks or whatever this far……

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