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Why Use The Lift if You Don’t Need To?

I am always amazed how many perfectly fit and healthy people will wait for a lift to go up or down just one floor.  I see them waiting for the lift to come, and by the time I have walked up one floor there they are getting out again, while I still have two more floors to climb.



Lifts are fantastic if you are elderly or disabled.  Or if you have pushchairs.  Or if you have lots of heavy shopping.  Or if you are going up ten floors.  But if you are just going up or down one floor and are fit?

Benefits of using the stairs:

  • It burns calories
  • It helps to keep your heart fit and healthy
  • It helps to strengthen your muscles and joints
  • It saves energy and is ecofriendly
  • It is often quicker

The amount of calories burned climbing a flight of stairs obviously depends on the number and height of the stairs, the speed you climb and your weight.  Research suggests it will usually be between 5 and 20 calories per flight.  Which might not sound like much, but over a lifetime this adds up.



Also consider that each time you call a lift you are using electricity.  A small amount, but multiply this by the number of lift journeys made every day in every town and city around the world – again small amounts add up.  If everyone who was capable of using the stairs avoided using the lift, the savings would be significant.


People spend good money to use step machines and the like in gyms.  Probably many of the same people who would rather wait for a lift than use the stairs.

Instead of seeing stairs as a burden, try thinking of them as an opportunity to incorporate exercise into your daily routine.

Your health and the planet will benefit.

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